The restaurant may be reached both from the direction of the parking lot (even for the disabled) and the street.

When designing the restaurant, we took special care of making the best out of room spaces and creating the perfect atmosphere for particular occasions. According to this, we have designed all three halls for different purposes and atmospheres. The elegant restaurant with 50 seats is ideal for events or bigger gatherings where You may celebrate beside a candle in an intimate atmosphere.

Our waiters are prepared for serving and not expecting guests. You may ask anything you will. Just feel free to test them!
The family corner is the perfect choice for special family events or friendly chats. The mood of people sitting around the table becomes more lively thanks to the warmth of the play of light beams glowing from the fireplace. We recommend You stay at the drink bar for drinking evening cocktails or beer, where newcomer hotel guests may take over their room keys on arrival.
Our roof terrace with panorama is excellent for spending your summer nights for instance barbecuing, sunbathing, or reading. On summer nights, our terrace with 20 seats ensures unforgettable moments both for friends and families. In summer, we even set the table for breakfast on the roof terrace in case of sunny weather.