Each and every detail of our boarding house serves Your convenience and relaxation.
First, visitors arrive at an enclosed parking lot capable of accepting 25 cars. It is located in our hotel’s inner courtyard hidden from outsiders. We keep it closed after 10 p.m. for the sake of the safety of your car. We are ready to keep your car of high value in a heated garage or indoors.
The most difficult part of all is selecting the right room for you since all 12 rooms have different names and forms. By providing such variety, we would like to ensure our guests the same comforts in each room with different styles and atmospheres (from the peasant style room to the Old German style room; from old to new ones). This variety is also expressed in the names of the rooms. Instead of numbers, we gave names of cities to the rooms recalling the atmosphere of that particular room.



Room for 1 person 10.100 HUF
Room for 2 persons 18.000 HUF
Apartment 32.500 HUF
Extra bed 4.100 HUF
Dog 2.000 HUF

Room price includes breakfast.