“Ant…the power lying behind the little ones.”

Boarding House Hangya was built on the grounds of a former cinema, in the center of town Kőszeg. It gained its present form in 2001 after renewal and additions to the existing building. During the design and execution phases, the most important factor for us was to form the building so that it serves our Guests’ needs in all aspects. We thought about all possibly arising needs and designed the present Boarding House Hangya. We built the rooms as unusually large as possible since we had experienced that our guests had spent most of their time in their rooms. The total size of buildings, which serve the convenience of our guests is identical.

We would like everyone who has once visited us to get a liking for our hotel and recommend us to their acquaintances. To be able to realize this aim of ours, we have recognized the need for providing rooms equipped with all conveniences, corridors, parlours, and a restaurant. We have tried to furnish these rooms according to our ideas and taste, with the highest demanding care. To test the result, please find out more about our place by looking around virtually. We hope to welcome you to our boarding house also in person.

Actually, the choice of our name neither happened in the usual way. To cut the long story short, the family owned and handled Hotel Strucc in Kőszeg, the building of which was formerly called Hangya (=Ant) Cooperative. As a tribute to this historic memory, the family regained the name „Hangya”.